The Commercial Insurance Industry has struggled with automation and digitisation as so many critical business processes start and end with crucial data embedded in complex unstructured documents. 

Brokers, Insurers and Re-insurers like the rest of us are planning rapid digitisation and they are looking for solutions for the unstructured data conundrum that technologies like Robotic Process Automation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) have failed to address. 

Cognitive Document Processing automation solutions powered by AI, Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing now offer greater accuracy in bulk data extraction from tens of thousands of Slips, Policies, Endorsements, Claims forms and free text emails than the human eye and keystrokes ever could.  

The digital transformation potential is significantly enhanced, and automation of downstream QA and data cleansing can be avoided.  High quality data extraction at scale is opening potential for new business opportunities and revenue streams. 

In this webinar we welcome Mercer’s Global Automation Leader, Kieran Gilmurray who will reveal how he is planning to address accelerated digitisation in the Commercial Insurance Industry.  He is joined by Mike Hobday, Chief Revenue Officer at AntWorks a pioneer in Cognitive Machine Reading and Intelligent Automation. 

Key learning:  

  • Placing unstructured data ingestion at the heart of digital strategy 

  • AI as a major role to play in extending the reach of RPA 

  • The scope of processes available for Intelligent Automation just got a whole lot bigger 

Watch this engaging discussion and discover how Global Insurer MMC Group is pivoting to Plan D, Digital.

Kieran Gilmurray,
Global Automation Leader,


Mike Hobday,
Chief Revenue Officer,